Saturday, March 29, 2008

Mary's Bridal Shower

Yesterday was Mary's first bridal shower, hosted by Missy Oliphant. Many years ago, "Mrs. O" was Mary's English teacher at Smith Prep, a classical home school program that Mary attended in her early high school years. Later, Mary worked under Missy as an administrator and grader for Smith Prep. Missy and Mary became very dear to each other! Anyway, she and her daughter Mei were really kind to throw this lovely tea for Mary, with almost 20 ladies attending. Here are a few pics!

Mary opened her presents and read the advice written by the guests. My friend Cheryl said that many women try to "train their husbands and serve their children" when it should be the other way around! Good counsel!

Donna Tindall is Ryan's mom, and you know who I am!

I can tell I'm going to really enjoy being related to Donna by marriage! She is so sweet!

Here I am with my five oldest daughters! (L to R: Lydia, Joanna, Mary, Rachel and Julia)

I've known these lovely ladies, Carrie Lauretta, Cheryl Bastian, and Leah Kessel forever. It seems like just yesterday (actually it was when Mary was in 6th grade) that some of us started a monthly tea club for moms and daughters called Rubies and Roses. We moms were the rubies and the girls were the roses! Ah, those were the years -- and these are, too! Cheryl didn't have a daughter in our group, but she was part of the Northland Home Educators support group with us, and she is one of my dearest friends. I met her just a few weeks after we moved back to Florida in 1993, when Mary was only six. Her husband Mike was our home group leader for quite a while, and they were our home school evaluators for many years, too. When Mary was a freshman in high school, Cheryl arranged Mary's first newspaper internship for her. She has certainly watched Mary grow up!

This is my Julia, who turns 19 in a few weeks.

My main bridal shower present for Mary was a poem called "Seven Blessings for One Marriage" that I wrote. Joanna embellished it with scrapbooking papers along the edge before I framed it. I scanned the finished product, and I'll put it in a separate post.

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  1. It is such a blessing to see your lovely daughters celebrating together with you the upcoming marriage of their precious sister. Mary is an extraordinary young woman (as are your other girls) and I know that she will continue to glorify the Lord in her life by increasing the talents entrusted to her by the God of all creation. On that day, he will say to Mary - and to you, Mom - "Well done...enter into the joy of your Master!"


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