Friday, May 9, 2008

Mary's and Ryan's Beautiful Wedding

Mary's and Ryan's wedding was beautiful!

I thought you all might like to see just a sampling of the hundreds of pictures we took. They gave us a digital picture frame at the rehearsal dinner, so when we arrived at the reception, I took the memory card out of one of our cameras and inserted it into the frame so we could see a slide show while people waited in the dinner line. You can click on any of these pictures to enlarge them.

Naomi, our lovely little flower girl, with Ben, our ring bearer behind. In our family, we sure have a whole lot of Hebrew derived names. Among our ten children, we have a Mary (whose middle name is Hannah), Rachel, Joanna, Micah, Naomi, and Benjamin.

In a Jewish wedding, both of the bride's parents escort her most of the way down the aisle and give her a kiss. Then the groom comes to claim his bride. Ryan's parents also escorted him down the aisle.

When she arrives at the front, the bride circles the groom seven times, to symbolize perfection. We just hoped she wouldn't get too dizzy!

The rabbi explained the various facets of the Jewish wedding ceremony as he went along. He also mentioned that the wedding day also happened to be the 60th birthday of the modern nation of Israel. During the ceremony, he read the ketubah, a marriage contract that the bride and groom signed. One of their friends from the synagogue painstakingly did all of the calligraphy -- in Hebrew!

Here are the four lovely bridesmaids: Katrin (from Germany), my daughter Julia, Mary's friend Sarah, and maid of honor Katie.

Mary and Ryan are standing beneath the chuppah, the wedding canopy. It is symbolic of the marriage coming under the holy covering of God and the home the bride and groom will build together. The sides are open tos show that friends and family are always welcome. Ryan constructed the chuppah, and he, Mary, and his parents spent hours painting the grapevines on the pillars. It is covered with the tallit, a prayer shawl, with a Hebrew inscription on the front. The four groomsman are Daniel (who is Russian), Pierre, Aaron and Josiah. Yes, this was a very international wedding. Besides the German bridesmaid and the Russian best man, the violin player (Wen-Jeng) is Chinese and lives in Canada, and the cellist, his brother Ying-Tsin, was born in Singapore. One of our wedding assistants is from Mexico. This is all very fitting since Mary and Ryan are both very "globally aware" -- something I worked hard at during home schooling!

Ryan lifts the veil while Mary takes the communion cup. (It was called something different, but that's basically what it was.)

The wedding kiss -- need I say more?

I present to you Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Tindall!

There's the proud papa...

Another big kiss!

The happy couple with our family...

My father and mother, Phil and Mary Quarrier, joined us for this photo in front of a willow tree.

Naomi and Ben sitting near Bear Lake, which was the setting for this lovely evening wedding.

Shalom Blessings,


  1. Congratulations, Virginia. What a beautiful bride.

    Robin in New Jersey

  2. Mazal Tov! What a beautiful wedding! Thank you for sharing the photos. :-)

    With love and best wishes from your cousin Margaret in NC

  3. Virginia,
    Congratulations on Mary's wedding! She looks beautiful and you must be so proud of her!

    You're my first hometown friend to have one of their kids get married and I can hardly believe it. We just got Andrew potty trained! But anyway, congratulations!

  4. Mary!!! I'm Arantxa do u remember me? the spanish girl that u met 2 summers ago!!! congartulations for your wedding!!! I told you that it could be happen!!! hahah miss u a lot!!!! can you give me your email adress please?? kiss!! bye

  5. Arantxa, thanks for the comment! Send me your e-mail address at and I'll pass it on to Mary.

  6. Virginia!!!....Shalom......I just realized our daughters both married in May 08! Many blessings for all of you! I am thankful for you and Adonai who we serve!
    Faith, Hope, Love


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