Monday, May 17, 2010

Baby Shower and Bible Translation -- Afternoon at Wycliffe

Dear friends,

Today my husband Thad and I drove down to Wycliffe Bible Translators, where our daughter Mary Tindall works, to attend one of her baby showers.  There were almost 20 of her co-workers there.

 I made this for Jacob for his nursery, which is a jungle theme. I hand sketched the pictures and scanned them into the computer. Lydia did the layout, printed it out, and framed it for me. The top says, "Jacob's Jungle" and the bottom says, "Let's Go with God on a Grand Adventure!" (That's one of my favorite phrases.)

The theme of the shower was English tea party.


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 After the shower, we drove over to Wycliffe's main building so Mary could show us her office. I actually peeked into this very room a couple of years ago when we were on a field trip at Wycliffe with our home school co-op. The room was previously used for video production, so it's a large open room, rather dark with track lighting.

 "The Last Language Translator" by Hyatt Moore, a former Wycliffe president. Who is the man in this picture? No one knows. Could it be you? Who will be the translator of the last Bible-less language? (There are more than 2000 left!)  Mary actually wrote an article about this painting here:  Who is this Man? 

Mary gave us copies of some of the Wycliffe literature for which she has written articles. The one on the left is the lead article in the Wycliffe Annual Report 2009. You can read it here: Stepping Out.

The one on the right is an article about a translator in Papua New Guineau, Victor Opungu, for the "In Touch" donor letter.

I bought some books, calendars and a poster in the Village Shop. The book near the back of this photo is a beautiful volume of paintings, drawings, and sculptures from around the world. It is called "In the Image of God: Faces and Souls that Reflect their Creator." Many of the paintings are by Hyatt Moore.
"Mine!" by Carol Planthold is my favorite picture in "In the Image of God." The boy is from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
I bought this poster for our computer room wall. It lists 26 languages which have no Scriptures in them. I purchased the matching book, From Akebu to Zapotec, a few years ago when we were on a field trip at Wycliffe with our home school co-op.
I hope you enjoyed this mini-tour!  There are more photos here: Facebook Album of Mary's Wycliffe Baby Shower (Public Access).

To find out more about Wycliffe, click here:


  1. What great pictures! You are blessed to have such a lovely daughter inside and out.

  2. Congratulations on the coming grandson, and how wonderful it is that your daughter is with Wycliffe! Beautiful pictures, too. I especially like the one entitled "Mine!"

  3. Whoo Hoo Granny! I know you are excited for that new baby! You look WAY too young to be a grandma. Enjoy him! I can't wait to hear the stories about it. Bonnie


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