Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Peace and Joy (Advent Poem 2013)

"Peace and Joy"
Advent Poem 2013
by Virginia Knowles

Beloved, you are loved by a Savior who serves you
An Evangel, who is Good News:
          Peace and joy
          Peace and joy

A Christ King who calls you: Come and rest
Come and follow, follow me:
          Peace and joy
          Peace and joy

Beloved, wonder at this Beauty sweet and strong
Angels in heaven and saints on earth still sing:
          Peace and joy
          Peace and joy

We shall sing it, sing along
We shall sing it sweet and strong:
          Peace and joy
          Peace and joy

We shall sing and we shall follow, 
As evangels of this Good News:
          Peace and joy
          Peace and joy!

Each year I write an Advent poem to celebrate the coming of Jesus. Each year I wait and wonder, musing about what I shall write.   And then each year it comes.  I will see or hear some small image or phrase, and then the poem will unfold.  I went to see my counselor yesterday, and as I pulled into the parking lot, I saw that her car's license plate read PCENJOY.  That was enough to get me started.  "Peace and joy" - of course!  Especially at Christmastime, but really all year long. 

After running errands on the way home, I lay down for a nap, exhausted from a busy week and then being sick for a few days.   Words drifted into my mind as I drifted off to sleep.  When I woke, I reached for a pen at my bedside, snatched a leftover scrap of funky reindeer wrapping paper from the floor, and wrote.  I fiddled with it more later, and here we are, just in the nick of time.  Though not the most polished poem I've written, it's a dreamy reflection of what my own heart needs and can receive when I take the time to ponder the message of Christmas grace.    Maybe it will speak to you, too.

In a world filled with controversy and confusion, hype and hysteria, let us all be his ambassadors of peace and joy.  As I hear around me of families who are suffering from trials and tragedies right now, that's the least I can do.  Nothing intense, just calm and comforting.

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Virginia Knowles
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