Sunday, June 7, 2015

My Golden Sunshine Garden

Several of my children bought me gift a certificate to Lukas Nursery for Mother's Day.

I decided to plant a sunshiney yellow garden, so I loaded my cart with these plants. I was originally going to buy a lemon fizz rose bush (in the center) but I realized at the checkout that I had left my gift certificates at home. I stopped at Walmart on the way home and found rose bushes on sale half price, so I bought two of them instead. When I returned to Lukas, I put back the lemon fizz and got another canna lily and some rose food / pesticide.

In this picture, I set out the pots with the rosebushes I had from Walmart. There are also an ailing potted aloe plant and a weedy bush that had pretty hefty roots. I couldn't pull it out myself, so I asked for help. You can see this plot was looking pretty empty.


The three canna lily plants are from Lukas Nursery. My friends Judy and Bart have canna lily plants in their lakeside backyard, and I photograph them nearly every time I visit. Happy memories!

The blooms of these ten Dahlberg daisy plants are quite small but lovely.

I would have planted more here to fill in the space, but I wanted to give the roses and canna lilies room to spread out.

Later, I found this cosmos basket at Lowes on clearance when I went to find a bag of tree and shrub soil. I placed them across the walkway from the rest of the yellow garden.

Also across the walkway, I added in four portulaca (moss rose) plants from Lowes, also on clearance. I planted two more in the pots that sit on top of my garden wall.

In another garden section, up closer to the front door, red-orange zinnias bring an extra pop of color.

I still need to work on everything a little more, but here's the big view of what I've got so far!

Such a cheery welcome home!

Grace and peace,
Virginia Knowles

P.S. Want to see what's inside the front door? Look here!
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