Tuesday, February 16, 2016

My Baby Granddaughters

My newest grandchild, Ayelet, was born early Friday morning on her brother Isaac's fourth birthday. She also has brothers Jacob, who will be six in June, and Ezra, who will be two in August.

I realized as I was thinking about this photo post that I hadn't done one when her cousin Lyla was born in September!

Ayelet means "gazelle of the dawn"
or "first star of the dawn" and is
pronounced "eye-uh-LET."
Her middle name, Liora, means
"I have light."
My daughter Mary, the proud mommy.

Ryan is an awesome daddy!

Brothers Ezra and Isaac
(Jacob was in another room)
Oh, here's Jacob riding a long board
down my driveway the evening
before baby sister was born.

Some of the uncles and aunts,
my five younger kids... 






Here are more pictures of Lyla, 
who will be five months old tomorrow!

This Monday, just being silly!
Here is Lyla's big brother Lucas,
who will be two in May.

With Mommy and five of her aunts
at the baby shower for Ayelet.
(Melody and I were sick. Boo!)

And some from her birth on September 17.

Lyla's middle name is Graves,
which is my late mother's middle name,
and my great-grandmother's maiden name.

And Ayelet once again!

Don't I have beautiful grandchildren?
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