Sunday, December 20, 2015

Bring Me (Advent Poem 2015)

Bring Me
Advent Poem 2015
by Virginia Knowles

Bring me to wholeness, healing wholeness
That I may become a balm of mercy
In this shattered, splintered world.

Bring me to peace, perfect peace
That I may make harmony
Where there is chaos and conflict.

Bring me to hope, holy hope
That I may shine your gracious light
In the midst of darkness and despair.

Bring me to joy, genuine joy,
That I may sing a merry melody
To lift and fill a weary heart.

Bring me to love, lasting love
That I may practice compassion
Wherever there is a hungry body or wounded soul.

Bring me to Jesus, just Jesus
And I will find in Him
Wholeness, peace, hope, joy, and love.


This year - a challenging one among many - I know how much I need to receive wholeness, peace, hope, joy, and love. And that what I receive for my spiritual sustenance must be a constant fresh flow. It is easy to disconnect and run dry. I am no Super Saint here to save the world. I am one who is coming to Jesus and then turning around to share what he offers. I can only give what I have received. 

This Christmas, all year: Jesus.

Virginia Knowles

P.S. #1: I try to keep this practical and not just theoretical. Tonight I am going to a monthly outreach organized by my daughter Julia at a motel where families live in transition. Many of our friends who live in the nearby woods will also attend. We are caroling, serving cookies and hot chocolate, and giving out Christmas gifts and clothing. I am bringing new fleece blankets, new socks, and some gift cards to the local dollar store. What can you do to help homeless neighbors near you? Here are some ideas: 13 Ways to Help People Who Are Homeless

P.S. #2: Every year I write at least one Advent poem. Here are the others:

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