Friday, October 5, 2018

My Birthday Weekend in Maryland in September

Dear friends,

I'm a little late posting this, since it's been almost a month! I just didn't get finished editing. Not that you were holding your breath or anything...

So anyway, in my Simple Woman's Day Book post for August, I mentioned that I planned to go to Sarasota and St. Petersburg, Florida for my birthday weekend in September to see art museums and botanical gardens. I booked my hotel room and planned my itinerary - and then I changed my mind. 

Instead, I found a cheap flight on Frontier and decided to go "up home" to Maryland to see my sister Barb and my dad and their families. Dad and I share a birthday, so we were able to celebrate together! I got there on a Thursday evening and left there around Sunday noon. 

En route, in Orlando airport -
with only my backpack for luggage.

On Friday, my birthday, I spent the day with my sister. She had an appointment in historic Sykesville, so I wandered the boutiques and the indie bookstore A Likely Story until she was done. Then we enjoyed crepes at the French Twist cafe.

A Likely Story

My sister Barb at the French Twist

St. Paul's United Methodist Church

Next we went to Barnes & Noble to get some presents for my dad. She and her kids and I all bought him magazines, because she remembered he once told her the birthday cards were a waste of money when you could buy a magazine instead. She bought him an ancestry one, and I bought one on military heritage - both of them are interests of his. I splurged on copies of Bella Grace and Southern Cottage. 

We all met up at Bob Evans for our birthday dinner!

my Maryland family

On Saturday, my nephew Doug (a high school English teacher) kindly drove me down to the Washington National Cathedral in Washington, DC. He loves it as much as I do. 

The cathedral is full of creative beauty - so I still got my art fix. I accomplished my goals and got to see my family!

The Behind the Scenes tour was full, which is just as well since we could instead go to the very first ever African-American tour there. One thing that made a profound impression on me is that Ms. Williams would simply say, "Walk with me," when it was time to go to the next part of the cathedral. It was like she was saying, "Come along on this journey and learn with me..."

Doug and I with tour guide Jackie Williams -
note that I am wearing my rose window T-shirt from
Notre Dame, since I am a cathedral & stained glass lover.

Mosaics portraying Biblical characters
as people of color (which they were)

Needlepoint kneeler pillow honoring the legacy of
African-American educator Mary McLeod Bethune

Francis Asbury
Early Methodist circuit riding preacher
Namesake of my seminary and my church.

After our visit at the National Cathedral, Doug surprised me with a trip to the Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land in America. The buildings and gardens are beautiful and inspiring!

We picked up Chipotle on the way back to my sister's house, where I hung out for the evening with her family.

The next morning, I attended New Hope Lutheran with my dad and Anny. I love to see what they have created with their hands recently: blankets, quilts, baby kits, school kits, homeless outreach bags, and much more. They will be donated to both global and local community relief organizations. Anny personally knitted up a bunch of baby hats and I think she worked on the blankets, too.

And then, shortly after that, it was time to go back to the airport to fly home to my Florida family!

I hope you enjoyed the pretty pictures!


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