Monday, May 29, 2017

Joanna Loves David: Wedding & Reception

My fourth daughter, Joanna, married David on May 6!

The pictures must start here, with the ring bearer racing down the aisle (mommy had candy waiting) and losing his shoe!

Meanwhile, his little sister toddled calmly down the aisle.

Joanna asked both her father and me to walk her down the aisle.

Joanna and David greet and thank their guests.

His vows...

And hers... (this photo taken by The Hornes Photo)

Oh, wedded bliss!


My father is on the right.

And then outside under the oak trees for photos of the bridal party.

Mommy took his big stick away and threw it behind the bridesmaids, but the ring bearer is still all wound up!

He finally settled down. After the official picture, he decided to retrieve the stick, and then squeeze himself back through the line of bridesmaids.

Little kids and big sticks! What can I say?

This pic is just for the grownups!

And then on to the beautiful reception at a waterfront civic center.

The bride and groom dance the night away...

The bride's three brothers and one of her six sisters.

Our neighbor and my dad hit it off wonderfully with story-telling.

My oldest daughter's family!

Three sisters!

The groom's parents, Cris and Chuck, are wonderful people, and I'm so glad that Joanna and David live near them.

Beautiful cake table!

Traditional father-daughter dance...

Each of the bride's and groom's parents offered a toast or little speech. Here's mine...

Monday, May 15, 2017

Wedding Preparation!

My daughter Joanna got married to David a little over a week ago! She's my fourth daughter, and this was the third wedding in our family. I was not overly involved in planning it, since it was out of town and she had an eager army of sisters and friends. I'm better for some of the hands-on projects at the end.

The flower girl basket...

...hand-painted and embellished with lace!

The ring box...

The supply kit for helping set up at the church...

...which came in really handy when I discovered that they needed signs for the guest book and gift tables, and I just happened to have picture frames, ivory paper, and calligraphy pens.

The bride's father, grandfather (my dad), and three brothers at the rehearsal, looking mighty dapper.

My seventh (and youngest daughter), looking so grown up!

One of my four grandsons, the ring bearer, who is just turning three. 

...rehearsing with little sister, the flower girl.

The rehearsal dinner, under the oak trees on the church lawn...

...twinkly lights, and my oldest daughter and fifth daughter.

The next morning, day of the wedding, is also my oldest son's 20th birthday! We celebrate at Dunkin Donuts. I love his hugs!

Off with my third daughter to Target to buy last minute supplies for making boutonnieres and corsages. I threaten to buy a Cinco de Mayo wreath for my hair.

Sitting on the floor at the salon where the bride and her bridesmaids (and this mama) are getting all dolled up - and making boutonnieres for the groom and groomsmen. I have never seen flowers like these yellow balls before.

Two of the bridesmaids!

The maid of honor...

...and the mama. That's me.

Mom of the bride and mom of the groom, both very blessed by this wedding of our beloved children. She's an amazing lady.

My fifth daughter, one of the bridesmaids.

And here's the bride, ready to go! Isn't she gorgeous?

Stay tuned for photos of the wedding and reception!


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