Sunday, October 25, 2015

Bar Harbor (New England Road Trip #5)

Bar Harbor Maine
October 16-18, 2015

Friday evening

Cottage Street Restaurant and Bakery -
a quaint little restaurant and
I'm a cottage lover
so I love the name -
two thumbs up for food and
very friendly and helpful waiter
happy customers ~
the beef brisket was delish
and my sister and daughter inhaled
the lobster sliders and chowder

amazing strawberry rhubarb pie
Saturday morning

We went to Thunder Hole
in Acadia National Park
first thing in the morning
to scatter my mother's ashes
in the ocean.

Then we went back to Bar Harbor
for a yummy breakfast at Two Cats.

hot chocolate, just right

Good thing I had bacon and eggs
to balance out the carbs in the
hot chocolate and the delectable
raspberry almond pancakes!

quaint shops in Bar Harbor

Blueberries for Sal,
along with Make Way for Ducklings,
is a Robert McCloskey favorite
set in New England.
I remember my teacher reading
this aloud to our second grade class
on my first day in a new school -
a warm lifetime memory

blue water, blue sky, white clouds, ahhhh

Ha! They claimed I was the
one always whipping out
my phone to take leaf pictures!

Well, who could resist this?
After our breakfast and shopping,
we went back to Acadia National Park 
for the afternoon and sunset.
Then back to town for just a little bit!

Saturday Evening

Sunday Morning

We hadn't taken much time to enjoy
the hotel grounds, which were beautiful.
Just a few moments on Sunday morning
before our long car ride back to Maryland...

holding my big sister's hand ~
a sweet moment 

and a cold one, too

Just a one more autumn picture?

What a road trip!
I'm so glad it worked out!

Here are my photo posts so far!

Autumn in Acadia National Park (New England Road Trip #4)

Autumn in Acadia National Park in Maine is absolutely gorgeous! A picture is worth of thousand words, so...

We arrived near sunset and had just enough time to drive around the park loop.

The next day, after a visit to Thunder Hole in the park (click that link for the pics and a memorial poem!) and breakfast & shopping in Bar Harbor, we drove back to Acadia National Park for the day.

Visitor Center

"Everyone needs beauty
as well as bread,
places to play in...
where nature may heal and cheer
and give strength to body and soul."
John Muir

"Everything is here to rejoice
the soul of the human visitor...
the fresh salt tang from the sea...
silvery dawns, and the reddest of sunsets."
Freeman Tilden

Topographical map

Around and About

my niece and sister

Acadia National Park shirts

my daughter

rock star

Sand Beach

Otter Cove

Jordan Pond

Blueberry lemonade and
popovers and jam ~~
the perfect start
to our late lunch
at Jordan House

Cadillac Mountain

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