Who Am I?

At the Core
Christian Worshiper of God
Citizen of Heaven
Sojourner on Planet Earth
Lover of Creation & Beauty
Peace & Justice Activist
Learner & Adventurer

Family & Friends
Wife & Mother
Daughter & Sister, 
Aunt, Niece & Cousin
Friend & Neighbor 
(Even to Strangers)

Things I Do
Writer & Poet

As a Christian, I am first and foremost a daughter of my Heavenly Father. My life goal is to live in the love, peace, grace, and joy of this!

I home schooled my 10 children (ages 8-26) from 1992 until 2013.  Some of them are in public school, and one is enrolled in a private home / classroom hybrid school where I teach three days a week.  

I am a friend to many, and look forward to all of the stories each will tell in Heaven of how our lives intersected.

I cherish the people whom God has placed in my life, and pray that I will be able to love them well.

You can read our most recent annual family letter here: 

2013 Family & Blog Recaps.


Virginia Knowles

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