Who Am I?

Christian Worshiper of God
Citizen of Heaven
Sojourner on Planet Earth
Family Woman
Encourager & Friend
Author & Poet
Learner & Adventurer
Peace & Justice Activist
Lover of Nature & Beauty

My life goal is to live in (and spread) God's love, peace, grace, and joy.

I am the fifty-something mother of 10 children (mostly adults now) and the grandmother of six. I have been home schooling for over 25 years, though only my youngest daughter is home with me now. 

~~~ our whole clan on Christmas 2016 ~~~
I am a friend to many, and look forward to all of the stories each will tell in Heaven of how our lives intersected.

I cherish the people whom God has placed in my life, and pray that I will be able to love them well.


Virginia Knowles

P.S. You will find my other blogs linked in the sidebar of this blog, as well as listed below.

This Mom Grows Up - motherhood, personal growth homemaking, organization

Watch the Shepherd - vintage hymns, theology, and abuse of authority in churches and families, with an emphasis on domestic violence

Start Well - preschool and elementary education

Continue Well - middle school education with an emphasis on literature

Finish Well - high school and beyond

P.P.S. I love to travel and take pictures. Most of the recent posts on this blog are photo essays of my adventures. I recently returned from an amazing trip to Switzerland and France with an adult daughter who was speaking at a conference. My two favorite posts from my Europe 2016 series are:

La Sainte-Chapelle, the Glory of Paris
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