Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A little good news!

Hello friends,

I just talked to my mom and she said that my dad has been cleared to go back to work (he is a computer guy) on December 1! This is quite a bit earlier than expected. He can also take off the hard neck brace, which he hates, since his cracked vertebra is almost healed. He is doing really well in his recovery from his traumatic brain injury last month (see the next post down) and he sounded cheerful when I talked to him on the phone tonight. He often walks down to the local track and goes around a few times, though he is not allowed to jog yet. They don't know when he will be allowed to drive since he may need to pass muster with a doctor from the Motor Vehicle Administration.
My daughter Mary stopped by for a while this afternoon, and we all had fun joking around. She is enjoying her new job as a copy editor at the Orlando Sentinel. One of the stories she just edited is one by my favorite Sentinel columnist, Darryl Owens: Eagle Scout's dream comes true, even after he succumbs to cancer. She has to go to work on Thanksgiving (late in the afternoon) while her husband Ryan is out of town visiting his ailing grandmother, so she's coming to our house for our feast. (She's fixing the mashed potatoes from scratch, as she always has!) Next year, Mary and Ryan are planning to go to Israel and Europe. They didn't have much of a honeymoon since she started a Wall Street Journal internship right after their wedding. Mary also told me that she has a new post on the Dow Jones summer intern blog.
Well, that's about it for right now!


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  1. I read the article about the Eagle Scout (something we are in the thick of) and it was awesome. Glad to know Mary was the one who did the edits. Too cool!


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