Sunday, October 4, 2009

Art Under the Stars

Dear friends,

Yesterday, Thad and I took our six younger kids to the Matiland Rotary Art Festival, Art Under the Stars. I usually miss these art shows, but I just visited Lake Lily with the kids to feed the ducks a few days before and had seen the signs for it. Thad fixed us a quick dinner on Saturday so we could get going.

Though I enjoyed almost all of the exhibits (and only had to steer the kids away from one or two that were less appropriate for young eyes), I think the booths that I liked best were the oil paintings.

Cheryl Mackey Smith stands near
some of her mixed media creations.

Live music floated through the air all evening. 
I think this guitarist is Tom Evan.

The Maitland Stage Band prepares to play
in the big blue inflatable band shell.

Thad bought a plate-sized funnel cake for all of us to share after we saw our friend Joy eating one. Of course, we all ended up with powdered sugar on our shirts!

I tried getting a picture of the moon glowing over Lake Lily behind the trees.

One of my other favorite booths was Cracked Up Jewelry by Lori Rosenberger of Dunedin.
She makes jewelry and other items out of recycled broken china!
What I loved most, though, was the
chandelier made from a tea pot and tea cups!
(Look closely at this photo, where it is hanging over her head!)

Another Orlando artist, Frederick Hoffman, sculpted intricate designs in real egg shells. The big ones were made from ostrich eggs. This one is a globe.

Toward the end of our time I had to move along pretty fast since the little kids were getting tired. I sure could spend a whole lot longer than two hours looking at art!

Daddy has mercy on Melody
and carried her on his shoulders.

As we headed back toward the van, I noticed a big tree (oak?) laden with Spanish moss. Inspired by the nature photographs I had seen in many of the booths (my favorite being Lee-Margaret Borland), I decided to take a shot at it myself. Unfortunately, I didn't have more than about 30 seconds since Thad was loading our tired kids in the van, and I have a very basic digital camera, so I wasn't able to quite capture the warm colors that drew me in. Don't expect to see me exhibiting my photos at an art show anytime soon!

BUT, you CAN take a look at my daughter Joanna's beautiful photo blog, which has some pics from her recent trip to the Dominican Republic, as well as gorgeous flowers, trick photos, portraits, and more.

I hope you enjoyed this little mini-tour!

Blessings, Virginia

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