Monday, April 12, 2010

To Life!

Yesterday was my daughter Julia's 21st birthday. She is such a blessing to me. I love to see how she has gotten involved in the pro-life movement, showing up at an abortion clinic every Tuesday during her lunch hour to stand and pray for Allura, a woman from church who faithfully paces the sidewalks to try to convince the women not to kill their unborn babies. Saturday night, Julia spent the night with friends, so the first time I saw her yesterday was after church. She had a little Haitian baby girl in her arms. Her friend Stephanie held the twin sister. (The picture above is so small because I uploaded it from my new camera phone.) Where did Julia meet the precious mommy of these babies? In front of the abortion clinic, where she had gone to abort them over a year ago. She left, choosing life. Now she has two beautiful chubby little 5 month old baby princesses, all decked out in frilly dresses. Allura and her friends have helped the parents (who have a toddler son, too) in all sorts of ways, with money, food, and baby gifts. And Mommy and Daddy were there at church, beaming with joy. They chose life. I am so touched that Julia has a heart for the sanctity of life, too. Then my oldest daughter Mary told me of a young woman whom she met at her husband Ryan's 10th high school reunion. The woman is pregnant and planning to abort, but taking a poll to see what others thought she should do. Mary, who is several months pregnant herself with my grandson Jacob, said, "Don't take a poll. Talk to God about it. Keep your baby. It's the right thing to do." The lady e-mailed her sonogram pictures a few weeks later. Pray she will continue to choose life for her baby. We too, must stand against this holocaust of our day.

(I just compiled a vocabulary list for the Jewish Holocaust at

L'Chaim! (To Life!) and Shalom (Peace and Wholeness)


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