Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mother of the Bride and Soccer Mom

Dear friends,

I'm sort of in a unique and busy season of life right now, so my blog posts here might not be very frequent for a while.  :-)

One of my roles right now is Mother of the Bride.  My daughter Julia's wedding is three weeks from today!  There is so much to do, but I thought I'd share just a few pictures from a bridal shower last week.

Julia and I

My seven daughters and I
(Yes, I'm a very blessed mama!)

Julia and I with Cindy, the mother of the groom

And six of my kids (ages 6-16) are signed up for a six week soccer season at our former church, so I'm a Soccer Mom too!  I enjoy hanging out at the field chatting with the other moms and dads.  Here are a few pictures from soccer.

I'm hoping that none of my kids -- who are all in the wedding -- will get a soccer injury before the big day.  They are not playing soccer on that day, for obvious reasons!

Later next month, I guess I'll go back to being plain old home school mom of 10 and grandma.  (My daughter Mary is expecting her second little boy!)  But I'll enjoy the extra fun while it lasts!

Say a prayer for us in the meantime!

Virginia Knowles

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