Sunday, July 8, 2012

Weekend Gratitude: Family Reunion in Pennsylvania

My 97 year old grandmother and I.
I am thankful to see her again,
always in good spirits.

Dear friends,

Family reunion time!  The Hess family reunion in rural Pennsylvania is always a highlight for me, even if the last one I went to was six years ago.  I flew up to Maryland on Thursday evening with my 11 year old daughter, who is leaving for San Francisco with my mother and my niece this Tuesday.

Here are some picture highlights of our weekend.  There are many more on Facebook.

Here's the clan!

My Aunt Faye helped introduce me to Jesus
at the 1976 Hess reunion.
I am forever grateful.

Aunt Kathy has brought along
birdhouses for people to paint,
and uses her bullhorn to give instructions.
She's a hilarious lady
and I'm glad she's my aunt.
My daughter made this one for
her great grandmother.
Thankful for her creativity and generosity!

Since my mom and grandma
needed to return to the hotel early,
my second cousin (and very good friend)
Margaret offered to give my dad and me
a ride back later -- 70 miles each way!
Certainly thankful for that!
But first, she gives me a short tour
of her parents' beef and honey farm,
and we eat at a country buffet.
Perry farm

Sunday breakfast near our hotel --
my grandmother with four of her five children.

Back in Maryland again,
my niece and my daughter
refill my grandmother's bird feeder
outside her window.

And my nephew sets out a
mineral lick to attract deer.
This visitor isn't exactly a deer.
It's a ground hog.
I hope you enjoyed my pictures!
Virginia Knowles

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