Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Cards and Family Letters

Christmas card and letter from my mom
(This week's P52 theme is Christmas cards.)
I love to get Christmas cards, even though I don't send them.  We tape them up on our door to enjoy for months.  I especially love them when they have letters or personal notes in them!

While I don't send Christmas cards because of the postage costs, I do send out regular family e-mail letters to a few hundred family members and friends every month or two or three.  Besides telling what our family is doing, I like to add in a little inspiration and practical stuff, whether it's a recipe, an idea of a fun place to go, an essay or poem I've written, or a photograph.  I always include links for recent blog posts, too, for those who want to see more.  These letters are also a good record for our family.  I like to read them even years later to see what we were doing back then and how we've changed.  I do try not to embarrass my kids too much!

People say they really like my family letters, and I enjoy writing them.

Do you write family letters?  What do you include?

Do you like to get family letters?  What do you like to see in them most?

Virginia Knowles

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  1. lovely photo! I like getting Christmas letters and reading them - tried to do one years ago when my girls were little but I got lazy after a bit.... have a wonderful holiday!!

  2. visiting some of last week's Project 52 before the next week starts! :)

    I love that card... my girls sang a Christmas version of Jesus Loves Me at their concert this year!

    Christmas is a time for joy,
    Not because of gifts and toys,
    But because God sent His Son,
    To redeem us everyone!


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