Friday, May 17, 2013

Little Gem's First Bloom and the Day of Small Things

Our Little Gem magnolia tree replaced another tree knocked down by a storm in our front yard last year.  Now she's finally blooming, just one gorgeous white flower with a sweet fragrance!  A  large old magnolia tree, Magnificent Maggie, graces our backyard, with spreading branches fit for climbing and dozens of large white blooms.  In contrast, Little Gem was  bred to be compact, growing up rather than out.  She has no chance of producing as many blossoms as Magnificent Maggie, no one is going to sit under her for shade, and the only thing climbing her is a squirrel.

Little Gem newly planted in July 2012

Lots of blooms on Magnificent Maggie in the backyard

What does my Little Gem teach me?  I might not be as magnificent as others.   I might just be starting out.   I may feel inadequate.   But there is beauty and promise.  I will grow, not like all the others, but just like I am meant to be.

"Do not despise 
the day of small things."  
Zechariah 10:14

You can see more pictures of Magnificent Maggie's blooms here: 

Weekend Gratitude: Still Life

Virginia Knowles



  1. Beautiful flowers. Always make me be filled with joy and more and more joy.

    Thank you.

  2. This verse, this seemingly "insignficant" verse has spoken to me in some of my most ungrateful moment. I love this verse. Coming over from Jumping Tandem.

  3. I'm loving the spring blossoms! So beautiful!

  4. OH Yes, the "small things" speak volumes to us, don't they? Beautiful reminder this season.

  5. This message and the lesson learned from Little Gem is terrific! It's something we all need to remember for ourselves and in extending grace to others! Thank you, friend!


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