Friday, October 3, 2008

Fireproof Your Marriage

Dear friends,

My husband Thad and I went to see the new movie Fireproof this afternoon, and I wanted to encourage you all to go see it while it is still playing in the theaters. Kirk Cameron plays a firefighter, Caleb Holt, whose father challenges him to a "40 Day Love Dare" when Caleb's marriage is about to fall apart. There is plenty of action in the movie, too, so it's not just sappy stuff for women. This is the perfect date night movie for husbands and wives. Better yet, think of another couple who needs hope for their marriage -- and bring them along.

There are also some very helpful web sites associated with the movie, including: (be sure to watch the trailer!)

I also want to encourage you to visit Family Life Today's web site,, and sign up for their excellent e-newsletters on marriage and family.

Be sure to spread the word!

Virginia Knowles

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