Tuesday, October 28, 2008

When It Rains, It Pours -- More Prayer!

Dear family and friends,

My sister Barb called last night to say that my Grandma Hess fell and broke her femur. She was taken to the hospital by ambulance. They are going to do a hip replacement since the break is right near the ball joint. This is NOT the same hip that she broke on August 3. She won't be home again for another several weeks.

It has been two weeks since my dad was hit by a motorcycle and suffered a brain injury. He is scheduled to come home from rehab on Friday. He will be needing outpatient physical, cognitive and speech therapy for quite a while. He is still somewhat delusional, doesn't totally understand what is going on, and has unpredictable behavior. Yesterday he asked my sister to go to Home Depot and buy a box cutter so she can come to the hospital and free him from the restraints, as he is still strapped to the bed. He keeps saying he wants to go back to work tomorrow, but it may be three to six months from now, if at all. When he comes home, he is going to need round the clock supervision, especially when walking, since they are not sure of his balance. My mom's cousin Ruth Ann Douglas is there now helping out and her brother Henry is coming next. I am flying up next Monday (Grandma Hess's 94th birthday) right after co-op classes and will stay until that Friday (Grandpa Hess's 96th birthday). Thad is being so kind to hold the fort for me while I am gone for several days for the second time this year. My son-in-law's mother, Donna Tindall, is taking me to the airport, and I'm thankful for the help!

In brighter news, my daughter Mary excitedly told me that she got the copy editing job she has been pursuing with the Orlando Sentinel. This is quite something, since the journalism industry has taken a huge hit, there were a whole bunch of other experienced applicants, and she just graduated from college in May. I think that Wall Street Journal summer internship definitely helped out there! I am so proud of her because she has worked hard for this! She and her husband Ryan will both have roughly the same afternoon/night work schedule, which is another plus. She has also been freelancing quite steadily for the Orlando Magazine, too.

That's about enough for now. Please do continue to pray for our family. I know that my mom is under a huge amount of stress right now. I didn't hear until this morning that she has been walking with a cane for a few weeks since she has problems with her feet! I'm glad I can go up there and give her lots of hugs and kisses.

Oh, one last thing. At times like this, I like to listen to uplifting music.

Yesterday, I played the following country music video for some of my students as we were talking about America's Christian heritage. I think you'll like it too: "In God We Still Trust" by Diamond Rio.

Right now I am listening to Sara Groves' new Christmas album, O Holy Night. Here's the information and link...
CD55277: O Holy Night CDO Holy Night CD by Sara Groves

Evoking the friendly warmth of a community church candlelight service, Groves plies her acoustic pop sound on traditional Christmas favorites---plus four new original songs. Includes "Star of Wonder"; "Peace, Peace"; "Go Tell It on the Mountain"; "It's True"; "Silent Night"; "To Be with You"; "Angels We Have Heard on High"; "Toy Packaging"; the title track; and more.


Virginia Knowles

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