Monday, August 19, 2013

Catch It While You Can

What I noticed first,
pulling in to the Aldi parking lot,
was the tiny slice of sunset
at the very bottom left.
It loomed large to my eye,
but unfortunately not to my camera.

In the brief time it took for me 
to walk across the lot to find 
a better, unobstructed view 
of that one small slice,
shafts of sunlight shot up through the sky.
My gaze widened and rose, amazed.
This story was much bigger than I thought.

I turned around.
Even a shaft of pale light 
rose to the moon.

Within minutes, 
it was all gone.

You have to pay attention 
to slivers of beauty,
be mindful of the moment, and
catch it while you can.

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Virginia Knowles

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    P52 Sweet Shot Tuesday with Kent Weakley


    1. Yes, we've been blessed with so much beauty that we often take for granted! I like this idea of "catch it while you can." :) I'm visiting from the Wise Woman link-up.

    2. Dead Virginia
      Wow, you were given such a gift of splendor from your Pappa's heart! Thank you for sharing this beauty with us.
      Blessings XX

    3. Beautiful photos & thoughts. So true, we have these slivers & may God give us eyes that see! This morning I visited from the Sunday Community.
      Have a blessed Sunday!


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