Friday, June 27, 2014

Santee State Park (Road Trip 2014)

Road Trip 2014 has begun!   We're on our way to see my second cousin in North Carolina, my dad and my sister's family in Maryland, and then on to a family reunion in Pennsylvania.

My four youngest kids and I hit the road this morning with in our bright red mini-van. After a very pleasant several hour drive (with a little help from electronics, reward quarters, and a full snack bag), we arrived in Santee, South Carolina a little after 5 PM.  After checking into our hotel, we headed over to Santee State Park on Lake Marion.  I love that little Bait & Tackle shop. There's a lovely indoor dining area in the back that's right over the water.  That's where we enjoyed our picnic dinner before our hike.

It's late tonight, so I'll keep this post short.  Stay tuned for more of Road Trip 2014!

Virginia Knowles

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