Sunday, January 18, 2015

Tampa Through My Lens #3: An Evening with Friends

Welcome to part 3 of my Tampa Through My Lens photo essays. This one? An evening with friends!

After the final rehearsal, we joined Naomi's friend and her mother outside their hotel and watched rowers on the river as the sun began to set.

Did you wonder about the odd picture at the top of this post? What is it? I think it is part of a palm root in a big pot on the hotel patio. Can you find it in the picture below?

Then we followed our friends to the restaurant they had picked out in Ybor City, a historic Cuban area of Tampa founded by Vicente Martinez-Ybor. I recalled that my husband's grandparents had first immigrated to Tampa from the Bahamas early in the last century, before they moved on to New York City, and I wonder if they were familiar with these neighborhoods back then. I'm certainly not, and I get nervous driving around when I don't know where I am. I'm really glad our friends knew the way and found parking for us.

Vicente Martinez-Ybor

The girls' new chorus teacher, Mrs. Egerson, met us for dinner at the Tampa Bay Brewing Company, where I enjoyed a very juicy cheeseburger and cheddar potatoes. Great food and great friends!

All in all, a very lovely evening!

Virginia Knowles

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