Sunday, January 18, 2015

Tampa Through My Lens #1: Alive on Arrival

My sweet daughter Naomi worked so hard studying and practicing for All State Chorus tests and auditions last fall, and it paid off! She and two other students from her middle school made it in! On Thursday morning, we drove to Tampa for two days of rehearsals and a concert on the third day.

We got to the convention center, where we were to meet her teacher to register, a half hour early. Unfortunately, we couldn't find parking near there, so I dropped her off to go inside and meet her friends at the top of the escalator, and then drove around by myself.  We agreed to meet at the hotel where the rehearsals would take place, and fortunately I was able to find a parking spot only a few blocks from there.

We ate our lunch in the courtyard of the Hilton Hotel. Beautiful! Of course, I couldn't resist photographing so many of the pretty things I saw - light, shadow, reflection, texture.

After lunch, they had their first rehearsal for three hours. I sat in the lobby, read books, and rested. I managed to misplace my phone, but fortunately someone had turned it in at the security desk. I also lost my old red umbrella, but that was no big deal.

After rehearsal, we walked to a Chinese restaurant for dinner. Yum! Then they went back for another two hour rehearsal. I appreciated the solitude for more time to read, and also had a lovely conversation with one of the other chorus moms in the lobby.

We had to drive part way across town to get to the more affordable hotel where we were staying, and I was sure tired! What a satisfying day! I enjoy a great adventure and try to be mindful in the moment.  I want to be fully "alive in arrival" wherever I go.

Stay tuned! I wandered around downtown by myself most of the afternoon on Friday and I've got lots more photos for my next post!

Oh, here you go!
Carpe diem!

Virginia Knowles

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