Sunday, May 10, 2015

Images of My Month of May (So Far)

Our annual Mother's Day family photo -
two parents, seven daughters, three sons,
two sons-in-law, four grandsons,
and one unborn grandbaby due in September.

...and the silly version.
Picture frames from two of my grandsons

I just signed up as a
Compassionate Entrepreneur (CE)
with Trades of Hope,
a fair trade company which distributes
accessories and home decor
crafted by artisans in the Third World.
The goal? Empowering women
and ending poverty.
Check out the Trades of Hope story
and the products on my page:
Trades of Hope with Virginia Knowles
If you live near me,
I'd love to come do a home party.
Or you can do a Facebook party!
(I'll write more later about this!)

Andrew turned 18 this week!
He is deep and sweet,
and I love his hugs.

Joanna graduated from UCF
on Friday with a degree
in Interpersonal & Organizational
She starts grad school in
counseling in August.

Joanna with her sweetheart David,
who graduated on Thursday.

One of my favorite UCF
graduation traditions -
a pair of bag pipers!

Lydia at her first piano recital
with her teacher Erin VanWinkle

Speech therapy at A.LL Therapy Connection
I love this place!

Reward for a
job well done -
the climbing wall
in the OT gym area
at A.LL Therapy

Sisters at soccer
In other news, Rachel and Joanna are leaving in two days for three weeks in Europe. I can't wait to see pictures of Iceland, England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales... So jealous. Cottages! Must see cottages!

I hope you enjoyed these pictures of my month so far.

If you would like to read a little more and see some links on motherhood, click here: Simply Spring #9: Mother's Day and Meltdowns.

Grace and peace,
Virginia Knowles

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