Sunday, July 5, 2015

North Carolina: Mountain Creek Fun

Welcome back to my North Carolina trip photo series!

This second post chronicles a morning visit to the creek at the bottom of "our" mountain. At the start of our trip, we had all but my oldest daughter and her family with us, which made a total of thirteen of us. Three of the adults returned home early for various reasons, but they're all in the pictures here. Of course my grandson steals the show.


Kids love to skip rocks

Adults, too!

Uncle and nephew

The flower child aunt

A little help from daddy

Pregnant mama
(my second daughter)
and her little boy

Lots of rocks!

Endless photos!


Me - the Grandma -
with the little guy!

Thanks for joining me on my little photo tour! Stay tuned for more over the coming days!

Here are my other photo posts so far!

Enjoying the beauty,
Virginia Knowles

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