Sunday, November 29, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015 in Pictures

Our family
Thanksgiving 2015
Ten children and two sons-in-law
Five grandchildren plus one on the way
(photo by my friend Jessica)

I bought an extra card table,
the very last one available at Walmart!
My autumn table cloth shrank last month,
so I bought another shorter plaid one
and layered it over a white linen cloth.
I doubled the first one over and used it for
one of the card tables.

Our side dishes, most of which
my adult daughters prepared.
I did two kinds of stuffing,
one without meat products for a
vegetarian daughter.
We also don't serve pork,
since one daughter's family eats kosher.

Challah bread surrounded by brown rolls.

Roasted vegetables served in an
antique china bowl from my grandmother.

My fifth daughter, who is a ceramics major,
crafted this bowl.

My oldest daughter's family.

Baby #4 is a girl!

My second daughter's family

He found the butter!
Too bad he's on a dairy free diet!

My third daughter

My fourth daughter

My fifth daughter

My first son and first son-in-law

My second son

My sixth daughter

My third son,
with Nerf gun

My seventh daughter

We invited my sweet friend Jessica and her five kids for dessert.
I am so glad they came.

Counting for hide and seek

I remembered to give my daughter
a Hanukkah box before she left.

That was our Thanksgiving! I hope you enjoyed our photos!

Grace and peace,
Virginia Knowles


  1. Greetings Virginia! Just wanted to say that you have a good looking family! Seems not so long ago, the last couple of your children were not yet born and now, they are big. Time does tick along quickly, doesn't it?!!?

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  2. Lovely family. Delicious looking food. Fun times. Oh, happy life!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you.


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