Sunday, April 3, 2016

St. Augustine Lighthouse and Pier

After visiting some of St. Augustine's historical sites (Castillo de San Marcos and Fountain of Youth and Timucuan Village), we headed over the Bridge of Lions to Anastasia Island. I wish we'd had the time to see Anastasia State Park and Fort Matanzas, but I guess we'll get to those on another trip.

We didn't go into the lighthouse since that costs money and takes time, but we did drive into the parking lot and walk a little closer to get this shot. I also went into the gift shop, where I took the second photo.

Then on a whim we drove to St. Augustine beach at the pier. None of us had our swim suits or boogie boards, so we just rolled up our pants or shorts, took off our shoes, and waded in. I told my daughter she could get soaked if she didn't mind wearing wet clothes two hours home. She took me up on it.

It costs $1 per person to walk on the pier, or $3 to fish. It was well worth it.


Thus ended my St. Augustine day trip with three of my younger kids! We had a great day!


1 comment:

  1. Ooh, St. Augustine! I'm a true blue Augustinian. :)
    That's a beautiful place. Lighthouses have always amazed me. And my, how I miss the beach.



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