Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Lydia's Art Show: Playing Warehouse

My daughter Lydia graduated on Saturday from the University of Florida with a degree in Fine Arts - majoring in Ceramics and minoring in Art. This Art as Narrative show was her last one in college, at least as an undergraduate! But her school days aren't over, because she's starting high school this week - as a Ceramics teacher!

Here are some of the highlights from the show.

Promotional poster for the art show
features Lydia's largest digital print

Her artist statement - and my part of the story
is that she showed up at the house unannounced,
told me to put my pajamas on,
go with her to the Sam's Club where I shop every week,
and pretend that I lived there.
And I did!
The things we do for our children!

This was our first scene.
I brought my CPAP mask for authenticity.
Whenever anyone gawked,
I explained: "It's an ART project!!!!"

We gathered the clothes and detergent
from different areas of the store
for our laundry scene.

Yes, that is a watermelon.
No, I didn't actually ride the bike with it.
I loved the color of the bike.

We brought our own cereal. I promise.

This was my favorite scene to shoot,
and the last one we did.
Back at the show...

Lydia also produced a puppet show with a feminist theme that I appreciated. She designed everything.

This is part of her adoring audience. Brothers and sisters rock.

That's it for the art show!

Another post from earlier in the day: Silver Springs State Park

Other pictures of the photo exhibit when it was on display at the UF campus: Playing Warehouse.

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