Friday, March 21, 2008

You Can Exercise, Too!

The first two pictures were taken in our backyard, but the rest were at the YMCA, where we try to go twice a week. Thad usually takes some kids to the basketball course while I work out in the cardio room.

These last two pictures might be an encouragement to those middle aged mamas who think they can't exercise. I have had joint problems all of my adult life, and I am way overweight after having 10 babies, but if I can do it, you can do it, too! You just start slow and work up. When we first started going to the Y last summer, I could barely do a mile on the treadmill, and not very fast. Now I usually go on the treadmill for a mile, then do the FitLinxx weight machine circuit (more than 10 machines), and then go back on the treadmill for up to another mile, including maybe a quarter mile of jogging. When I started on the FitLinxx machines, the trainer adjusted everything for me and got me set up on the computerized system. It tells me what settings to use based on my body (how far I can reach, etc.) so that I don't hurt myself. I can increase the weights whenever I want, and I've been able to do that bit by bit over the past several months as I have become increasingly stronger. Again, you start small and work up. You can do it!

And, if you think you can't afford the YMCA, why not apply for a scholarship? Ours pays for half of our monthly fee, based on our family size and income. The YMCA offers great deals for families, and they usually offer child care as well! My little ones love the play room at the Winter Park YMCA where we go. They have all of the cool toys and outdoor equipment that we don't have at home. Give it a try! Summer's coming up soon, too, which means lots of swimming!

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