Sunday, March 30, 2008

"Seven Blessings for One Marriage" -- and Our Big Fat Jewish Wedding

As I mentioned in the bridal shower post earlier today, I wrote a wedding poem for my daughter and her fiance called "Seven Blessings for One Marriage."

This is the scanned version of the poem before we framed it. Another daughter added the embellishments along the sides using strips of scrap booking paper, which go nicely with the silver-grey frame. I am also including a full size copy of the words, since these are hard to read. However, if you double click on the picture it will be enlarged!

Seven Blessings for One Marriage
by Virginia Knowles

As you stand side by side in humble awe of Him,
Devote and purify your hearts to please the Holy One in whom
Justice and mercy met on the cross.


As you ponder the mysteries and epiphanies of life,
Think, imagine, listen, linger, and reflect with one another.
Learn from the LORD and His Word: Know and then do.

As you reflect the larger luminescence,
Seek to mirror the marriage of Messiah and his beloved Bride,
A radiant, translucent testimony of grace and glory.

As you embark on a journey of excellence together,
Move forward faithfully and fruitfully as partners
On your mission: a grand adventure of faith and destiny.

As you drink of the abundant sparkling fountain,
Make a merry melody and holy harmony to celebrate our Creator,
Who beautifully fashioned each of you for each other.

As you confess, forgive, reconcile, respect, and embrace,
Let shalom, wholeness, blossom as an olive branch,
And you shall be united in the One who makes all things new.

As you commit to cherish and nurture one another,
Surrender, serve, and sacrifice with loyalty and affection
In the sacred marriage which our God has entrusted to you.

May these blessings be yours in the LORD!

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  1. Lovely vows, they really emphasise a sense of togetherness, mutual love and respect!


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