Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Advent Poem #6: Shepherd's Tale

Shepherd’s Tale
by Virginia Knowles

A prayer I make to stay awake,
To watch the sheep safe in my keep,
When I should see, in front of me,
An angel bright in darkest night.
“Be not afraid!” the angel bade.
“Good news of joy! A baby boy
Is born today, on bed of hay.
The Savior mild, the Lord’s a child!”
Now in the sky the angels fly,
And gladly sing of newborn King.
“Give God high praise, hosannas raise,
And peace on earth through Jesus’ birth!”
All shepherds know that they should go,
To follow them to Bethlehem.
Where baby rests is not the best,
A scratchy stall holds Lord of All.
But God above sends Gift of Love.
Forgiving sin, he lives within.
Now spread the word, till all have heard
Amazing story, to God be glory!


This is one of my very rare rhyming poems and it's fairly short, so it's a good one to read to your kids, if you have any. Tomorrow (Christmas Eve) I think I will post my last Advent poem in the series, "Corpus Christi."

The painting is "The Adoration of the Shepherds" by Giorgione. It is in the National Gallery of Art.

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