Saturday, December 27, 2008

Dark Chocolate

People who know me very well are mostly aware that I have a particular fondness for dark chocolate. Thad bought me a big bar of gourmet extra dark for Christmas. Unfortunately, it was so dark that it was way too bitter for me. However, the girls had bought some milk chocolate chips to make cookies, which I find a bit too sweet. (I usually buy semi-sweet, and we went through a few bags during the Christmas baking season!) Anyway, I digress from the current story. Not wanting to waste chocolate (which would be a crime!) I crushed up the bitter bar into a bowl with the sweet chips, melted it all down in the microwave and spread it on graham crackers for the family (and I) to enjoy. I also molded some into a little bar and chilled it in the freezer to enjoy in solitude later. I took a few nibbles, but when I took a nap, Melody somehow climbed up on a chair and got into it. Thad found it smeared all over her face and hands, but no bar left for Mommy! I shall forgive her, though, not only because she is three and she is my own daughter, but also because I myself raided her M & M stash yesterday.

The moral of the story is that when life hands you a bitterness, mix it with something sweet, enjoy the result of your resourcefulness, and then be sure to share with others, which brings a special sweetness of its own.


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