Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas at Providence

Dear friends,

In our 7th-8th grade English class at the Providence Home Educators co-op, we taking two weeks to enjoy the Christmas season in fine art, music, Scripture, poetry, and film. All of our assignments are on-line here: Christmas assignments on the Providence blog. You will find everything from St. Nicholas to Silent Night. And, as a sneak preview, I have slipped in my newest Advent poem, "The Story Did Not Start with a Stable and a Star" at the bottom of the post called Baby Jesus at the National Gallery of Art. (I'll post it sometime soon on this blog, too.)

This is "Adoration of the Shepherds" after Annibale Fontana, 1600s, Terracotta, National Gallery of Art

Oh, and so you don't miss it in the shuffle, you might like to see the fascinating interactive web site for a movie called Magdalena, Released from Shame by the folks at The Jesus Film Project. The fact that Jesus came to seek the lost is at the core of the Christmas message!

Christmas Blessings, Virginia

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