Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Our Big Red Valentine Heart

Here is something I made ten years ago in honor of Valentine’s Day, to encourage sweet communication between family members. I took a LARGE piece of red felt, cut out a heart about 2 1/2 feet wide (70 cm), and edged it with lace. Then I sewed on a rectangular red felt pocket for each family member (plus a few extras for those not yet born). The pockets are about 3 inch by 4 inch (9 cm by 12 cm) and are also edged at the top with lace. I sewed two tabs on the back, and it can be hung on the wall with tacks or nails. In the week or two before Valentine’s Day, we put little notes, stickers, service coupons, drawings, pieces of candy, and other small items into each other’s pockets. We could take stuff out of our own pockets every day. Of course, on February 14, I put in some extra special goodies for everyone!

We're still using our Valentine heart a decade later! Somewhere along the way I made name cards for each of us to stick out of the pockets. This year we have a combined one for "Mom & Dad" and we added Ryan's name to Mary's (he is our new son-in-law).

We were short on pockets (there are only 10 -- and I thought I was planning ahead for enough new babies!) so we didn't do one for Julia this year since she is in Bolivia and we already sent her a homemade Valentine in her care package. At the moment she is in Tapeite, a very small tribal village down near the borders of Argentina and Paraguay, about six hours away from the mission in Entre Rios. A team of 12 from the mission went down on Tuesday and will return on Thursday. Apparently the tribe is quite primitive; Julia has been told she is going into another world! You can read more on her own blog at http://www.juliaknowles.blogspot.com/. Be sure to read her funny post about serving calzone, too. And don't miss her post "Las Abras: Love" if you want something profound for Valentine's Day.

I'm doing a spur of the moment Hope Chest e-magazine issue for Valentine's Day with lots of fun and educational ideas for celebrating with kids. I recycled it from an issue I did several years ago! If you don't subscribe and want me to send you a copy, just e-mail me at VirginiaKnowles@gmail.com.



  1. This is a cute idea and a great way to involve family and make memories. I've done similar things with advent, but never thought of something like this for Valentines. Thanks for the idea.

  2. This is a great idea!! You always have the best ideas, Virginia!! Thanks for linking up at WholeHearted Home.


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