Saturday, February 28, 2009

Julia is sick in Bolivia

My husband Thad asked me to send out a prayer request for our 19 year old daughter, Julia, who is on a three month mission trip to southern Bolivia. She has had a throat infection all this week and has been miserable. The doctor had given her anti-inflammatory medicine to bring down the swelling, but that didn't help get rid of the infection. She has had fever and chills, and she finally went in to the hospital get a shot of penicillin. (She HATES shots!) They said she has tonsillitis. She may have strep, too, but they don't give tests for that. Please pray that she will get over this quickly, with no long term effects. Medical care down there in the town of Entre Rios is not exactly up to the standards of the USA. She has been sick on and off for the past six weeks with one thing or another, and she won't be home for another six weeks.

You can check her blog at She is being a real trooper!

{Update on March 5: Julia was feeling well enough by the end of that day to get up and play soccer with the youth! She's off to Las Abras with Angela this weekend, which is a pretty strenuous trip.}

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