Friday, March 6, 2009

Our Little Melody

My three year old daughter Melody sure has been cute lately. (Mischievous, too!)

The other day, she complained, "Ben told me to shut up. He's stubborn!" I asked her, "And what are you?" She replied, "A hypocrite!"

A while back, Ben hurt himself, and as I was trying to fix him up with a bandage, Melody came and patted him on the arm and said consolingly, "It's all right, son!"

When two of the other kids were arguing recently, she planted herself right between them and yelled, "Guys! It's over! It's over!"

I have been trying to get Melody to stop sucking her thumb and Ben to stop sucking his fingers. Usually when we are sitting on the couch reading, I have to reach over and pull them out. Yesterday, I yanked Ben's fingers out, and Melody said, "Mom, take my thumb out, too!"

Joanna took the picture of Melody a couple of months ago. The pose is so typical of her!

Now she's trying to sneak out to the back porch with a cup of milk. There is a straw in it, and the milk is all bubbled up. I told her to come back inside, and she said, "I'm trying to make a milkshake!"

I have a whole bunch of blog posts about her on one of my other blogs.  Click here if you haven't had enough cuteness yet: Melody Moments.

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