Monday, January 9, 2012

Foggy Morning!

Dear friends,

It was a foggy morning, but clearer by the time I took these pictures at 9 AM.  Before that, the driving visibility was horrible.  I heard sirens this morning before we left the house, and I'm imagining someone was in a traffic accident.

So I'm checking out the Blogger App on my iPod touch! I see that it's hard to add clickable links via the mobile app, so I had to edit this on a regular computer. Hmmm... Also no way to position the pictures or fiddle wth fonts or see existing labels. And typing on a tiny keyboard is not the most efficient way to add a blog post.  Oh well, it was a fun little experiment but I'm not sure I'll do that on my iPod again!

For those who are wondering, these pictures were taken at the end of the soccer field at Metro Life Church in Casselberry, Florida, where our home school co-op meets.

There are more fog pictures, as well as a bunch of links for moms, in a post from last year, Emerging from the Fogon one of my other blogs ( at 

Virginia Knowles

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