Sunday, January 29, 2012

Weekend Gratitude: Blessingway for Mary

Dear friends,

It's been a good weekend!  There is much I could write about a lot of things, but I'm just going to focus now on a Blessingway celebrated today for my daughter Mary, who is expecting her second son in just a couple of weeks.  A Blessingway is kind of like a baby shower, but the emphasis is on blessing the mother-to-be with encouraging words and actions.

Mary was presented with a flower wreath
to adorn her beautiful curly hair.
My daughter Joanna took this photo.Our hostess, Katie, has been friends with Mary since 1996.
They met through our home school group when they were nine 
and have been the best of friends ever since! 
Katie was the maid of honor in Mary's wedding in 2008,
and Mary was a bridesmaid in Katie's wedding a year later. 

Katie is also going to be the doula
(personal birth assistant to the mom) when the baby is born next month.
What a sweet, sweet friend!
I thank God for the life long friends that my girls have made.

I know this is a digression, but here they are in 1997
at some sort of home school event.
I love Mary's bonnet and her glasses.  Those were the days!
When they were in middle school,
I organized a mother-daughter club called Rubies and Roses
for the 4th-6th girls in our home school group.
Each month, the moms and girls met at a different home
to enjoy dessert, crafts, and a devotional time.
Later, the older girls branched off
into a different club called Jewels for Jesus.
Lots of sweet memories and my Wassail and
Pumpkin Streusel Muffins recipes came out of those years!  

Back to 2012 on Katie's kitchen calendar!

Since the theme of a Blessingway is to encourage the mom, each guest brought a special bead to make a necklace for Mary to wear at the birth as a tangible symbol of our prayer support.  

I had bought a ladybug bead 
since I think they are cheerful,
but I accidentally left my purse at home,
so I substituted the large plain red one
that was an extra in the bag of beads we brought.

My daughter Julia strung the beads together.

Katie clasped it around Mary's neck.
I love the serene look on Mary's face.

The finished necklace

My blessing to baby Isaac:
a series of Scriptures from Genesis
about the life of the Biblical Isaac
from the prophecies before his birth
to the blessings he gave to his son Jacob.

Look up at the heavens 
and count the stars.  
So shall your offspring be. 
Genesis 15:5

I will establish my covenant with him 
as an everlasting covenant 
for his descendants after him. 
Genesis 17:19

God has brought me laughter. 
Genesis 21:6

On the mountain of the Lord 
it will be provided.
Genesis 22:14

Praise be to the Lord 
who has not abandoned 
his kindness and faithfulness.
Genesis 24:27

The Lord answered his prayer.
Genesis 25:21

Now the Lord has given us room 
and we will flourish in the land.  
Genesis 26:22

Do not be afraid, for I am with you; 
I will bless you. 
Genesis 26:24

May God give you of heaven’s dew 
and of earth’s richness – 
an abundance…
Genesis 27:28

May God Almighty bless you
and make you fruitful.” 

Genesis 28:3

Words from Katie

Gifts, too!  Some in envelopes...

Baby shoes from my daughter Naomi

A laughing turtle from my daughter Melody

A lovely handmade card

A onesie with an applique neck tie!  So cute!

Much appreciated!

My photographer daughter Joanna with her camera


Heather and Babpsy (pronounced Bopsy)

Another long time friend Rachel 
applies henna to Mary's belly.
Each of us takes turns 

adding to the elaborate design.

My ladybug before it dries.
I had to get a ladybug 

in there somewhere!
The actual result of henna 

after it dries and flakes off
is more of a light orange.

Joanna and Katie work on 
henna designs at the same time.

My daughter Julia adds a henna design
to my daughter Lydia's hand.

Mary and I -- not the best picture, 
but it's what I've got!

As each guest left,
she received a scented candle
(mine is cranberry orange)
to light when Mary goes into labor
as a reminder to pray for her.

I hope you enjoyed my photo journal of the Blessingway today!  Do say a prayer for Mary in her last weeks of pregnancy!

Virginia Knowles

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