Monday, February 13, 2012

Count the Stars (Happy 6th Anniversary to Lake Baldwin Church!)

Dear friends,

Lake Baldwin ChurchYesterday (Sunday, February 12), we celebrated the 6th anniversary of Lake Baldwin Church.  In honor of the occasion, and to go with our current sermon series (Count the Stars) on the life of Abraham, our worship leader Josh Bales wrote and performed a new song.  I happened to have my iPod in my purse and whipped it out as quickly as I could to catch an impromptu video. Josh kindly gave permission for me to post it on this blog and Facebook, and even sent me the words for it.  Please pardon the lack of video/audio editing.  I uploaded it "as is" since I don't have sound on my desktop computer, and my laptop is in the shop.  

I also wish I had the time to write up a full blog post on the morning service at LBC, but my second grandson was born last night! (See here: Baby Isaac is Here!)  Coincidentally his name is Isaac, and God's promise to  Abraham (when he told him to count the stars) was for a son -- whom he named Isaac.  Abraham had to wait a really long time for Isaac, and waiting is hard!

I hope this song is a blessing to you if you're going through a difficult season of life.


(If you are reading this via e-mail or Google Reader, you may need to visit the actual blog post to see the video.)

Count the Stars
Josh Bales © 2012 Bryan Days Music (ASCAP)

When I lay me down to sleep at night
underneath a sacramental sky,
I count the stars- count them if I can,
then rest my dreams inside my Maker’s hands. Oh I count the stars.

I count the stars for they are signs to me-
pictures of a future I can’t see.
Like a mother with no child to hold,
every star’s a child I call my own. So I count the stars. 

On my darkest night a million beams of light ask me to believe
that your promise is like a starlit sky - bigger than my dreams.
So in my doubting dark I count the stars. 
I count the stars when hope is hard to find,
when there's no morning for my soul's dark night.
And when my longing heart feels weak and thin,
I lift my head and count the stars again. I count the stars.

I count the stars and believe that your promise is bigger than my dreams.

On my darkest night a million beams of light ask me to believe
that your promise is like a starlit sky - bigger than my dreams.
So in my doubting dark I count the stars.


While I'm at it, I want to express how grateful I am for our three pastors at Lake Baldwin Church!  By God's grace, they dream big dreams and work to seem them happen!

Mike Tilley, our senior pastor, and his wife Molly
have been at LBC since the very start!
Soon Pak, youth and associate pastor, with baby Levi
(wife Erin not pictured)
Mike Aitcheson (our new church planting intern) with wife Lucy
If you live in the Orlando area, stop by for a visit!  The service starts at 10:45 on Sunday mornings.  You can find directions and other information at

To see the post from last year: 

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  1. This is the same Josh Bales that leads music at Summit leadership camps, right? Love his music. This is a beautiful song. So encouraging!

  2. Probably so, Pat (Mama Weso), since he has Bryan College connections. Did you click the links at the bottom of the post to hear the other songs? Thanks for commenting!


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