Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sunrise and Camellias on a Chilly Morning (P52 Week 8)

Dear friends,

This morning I drove my daughter to the bus stop at 6:45, stopping just long enough before I left to put on my shoes and grab my iPod.  It's February in Florida, so I wore a t-shirt and shorts.  Still a little chilly, I must say!

Turning the car around to drive the few short blocks back home, I couldn't help but gaze at the sunrise I could barely see through the trees.  Too good to miss, I say, but I needed a better view! Question: should I go home and get my better camera, risking the precious minutes that change that hue of the sky, or should I wing it with the iPod?  Moments count, so I drove to my nearest decent sunrise view, the neighborhood elementary school.  Granted, the iPod doesn't do the cloud texture or sunrise color justice, but imagine with me!

Pretty enough, but what would the view be from the lake at nearby Kewanee Park?  Off I go, chasing the sunrise while the sunrise chases the fog on the water.

Sunrise reflections on lake

Fog at Kewanee

Tree silhouettes against the sunrise sky

Always, always, notice the little things, 
the bright natural colors....

Red berries on a tree at Kewanee Park

Back home again, the pink already seeping away...

I see a pink camellia bush in the neighborhood,
and remember to check on my own in the backyard.

A way to bring a bit of beauty inside...

Three pink camellias for the float bowl.
This is what wedding presents are for, even 26 years later!

I lamented to my husband that I hadn't been able to capture just exactly what I wanted this morning through my lens.  He sweetly reminded me that the most amazing camera is the human eye and that we should never outgrow a wonder for what God has made.  That is why I always say, pay attention, look closely, soak it in.
See more sunrise and camellias from last year: 

Blessings of beauty to you and yours,

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(This Friday's theme: Cabin Fever.  Can we ever mope inside when there is such a pretty sunrise?)


  1. wow - I think that, regardless of your photography equipment, you convey the beauty of that sunrise beautifully. Better to use what you've got to hand than to miss the moment altogether!

  2. gorgeous photos - even without the fancy camera! and i love your idea for bring camellia blossoms inside. mine bloomed this year for the first time ever so i might have to try it. :)

  3. Beautiful photos. My favorite is the reflection on the lake.

  4. Seeing the series of photos shows how quickly the sunrise changes. You've captured it beautifully. Great idea about bringing the flowers inside and placing them on the dish of water. Very pretty!


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