Wednesday, March 7, 2012

For Those Who Read Via a Blog Reader

Hello friends!

If you get this blog via a blog feed reader, you may have wondered why a flurry of posts showed up in the last day or so. Something was stuck in the Feed Reader, and those were the posts from the past two months with incorrect dates!  So no, I wasn't being unusually prolific in one day.

While I have your attention, if you DO get this via a blog reader, could you please drop me a note or leave a comment on this post?  I know who gets it by e-mail, but I don't know who or even how many follow it by blog reader.  I like to know my audience!

I also just made a few minor changes to the blog layout, so take a peek at!  I also tweeked the layout on my mommy blog at and would love to have you visit there, too.

Comments are always welcome and appreciated!

Virginia Knowles

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