Saturday, March 31, 2012

Holy Week and "A Hymn for All the World" by Josh Bales

Dear friends,

Holy Week starts tomorrow with Palm Sunday.  Last year, I posted a series of art, music, poetry and Scripture:

  • Palm Sunday!
  • The Thief on the Cross
  • "I Am!"
  • "Behold the Man" on Maundy Thursday
  • Good Friday
  • The Throne Room of Grace
  • The Resurrection and Doubting Thomas

  • If you live in the Orlando area and you don't have a church to attend on Easter morning, let me invite you to Lake Baldwin Church, which starts at 10:45 on Sunday mornings at Glenridge Middle School in Baldwin Park.  There is also a Good Friday Tenebrae service on April 6 from 6-7 PM.  Tenebrae services are typically somber, as we ponder the darkness of the crucifixion and death of Jesus in preparation for the light of Resurrection Day.  (Childcare available for under age 5.)  

    My five younger kids and I, along with four neighbors, enjoyed the Easter egg celebration that Lake Baldwin Church co-sponsored this morning in the community. We missed the actual egg hunt by about 10 minutes, but I understand that 4,000 eggs got snatched up in just a few minutes!  We still had a blast with the bounce slide, face painting, sand art, balloon animals, and more. If you are my FB friend, I already put up over 100 photos, so take a peek!  

    At Easter time, rather than getting focused on just me and my own spiritual experiences, I like to be reminded of the big world out there with all sorts of other people who need grace and compassion.  So I thought I would share a video I recently took of a song written by Lake Baldwin's worship leader, Josh Bales.

    "A Hymn for All the World"

    by Josh Bales

    There is no place in all the world you do not call your own.
    Creator of all peoples, every nation, every tongue.
    From every corner of the earth, boundless is your reign.
    Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, hear us sing your praise.

    We your people call to you, asking for your help.
    God be merciful to those whose pain we've never felt.
    Give them rest from worldly sorrow, bless them Lord with food to eat.
    We ask you, Gentle Shepherd, all the ones that are your sheep.

    All seeing Lord, now look to those in city and in field,
    Who seek to spread your fame and love, this broken world to heal.
    See your persecuted children, soothe their violent wounds.
    In their weakness, be their strength, that they might hope in you.

    Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, may your kingdom come
    In all the earth as it is in heaven, may your will be done.
    In all the world, in all our hearts, Jesus, you are King.
    We wait, we hope, we trust, we know, your face we soon shall see.

    If you liked this song, you may also like another by Josh Bales: Count the Stars

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