Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Daughters Then and Now

Dear friends,

Just a little photographic nostalgia...

My sister Barb just posted this picture on Facebook.  It's from a 1994 trip to the  Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington, D.C.  My four oldest daughters and my niece wore matching jumpers that my mom bought. (We had several sets, either purchased or homemade.)  I'm in the middle with the denim jumper (typical home school mommy of the time), pregnant with my fifth.  My sister is on the right with her oldest daughter.  My brother is holding my sister's son on his lap.  

And here they are again at my second daughter's bridal shower last fall, along with the three younger sisters!  (Too bad they won't still wear matching jumpers, though we did get most of them into matching bridesmaids dresses in October!  See here: 

Just a Few Wedding Pictures!)  My oldest, who is second from the left, was then pregnant with her second son.  No girls yet in that family, but we did get three boys in ours! 

I love to look at old family pictures, don't you?  Why not pull out your albums and take a trip down memory lane?


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