Friday, September 7, 2012

I'm a 49-er Searching for Gold!

Dear friends,

I'm 49 today!  One more year until I am 50!

I woke in the wee hours this morning (around 4:30) and lay there pondering.  I got to thinking about being 49, and a theme for the year emerged in my head.  The 49-ers flocked to California searching for gold, and in certain ways that's an apt metaphor for me.  The gold I am searching for is enduring truth and love.  I know that there is a lot of pyrite, false gold, out there in our culture. I want to get back to what is authentic and pure, what is really a gift from God instead of a cheap substitute. I know that the gold in my life needs to be refined, which takes heat and pressure.  I am learning to stand strong when difficulties come, which they do with alarming regularity in a family our size.  :-)  I hope I'll be at least a little better person for it.  A few years ago I decided that by my 50th birthday next year, I want to compile a digital memoir called "Pilgrimage and Jubilee" with poems, essays, and photos from my first 50 years.   A little here, a little there, maybe I'll get it done.

I had a lovely start to my birthday when the "real" morning finally arrived.  My oldest daughter Mary had invited me out to breakfast at Denny's.  

We both ordered Grand Slams with pancakes, hash browns, scrambled eggs and chicken sausage.  (It's a golden breakfast, in various shades!)  

Roses from my husband
I'm glad I ate that much, because I spent the next four hours waiting to get my driver's license.  I stood in line about 20 minutes before the clerk told me they needed my original embossed birth certificate rather than a copy.  I called my very helpful husband (who also gave me birthday roses) to drive it over for me and then I got back in line again.  I cheered up during the wait reminding myself how much I had to be thankful for there: air conditioning, a place to sit (even if it was squished) and nice people to talk to.  The clerk at the checkout asked, "Did you learn anything today?" I said, "Yes, I learned that it's a good thing I brought a book to read."  She quipped, "And that you could have made an appointment so you wouldn't have to wait so long!"  That too.  Another reason to be thankful: my picture turned out well enough!

My dad's birthday is today, too!  He is 76.  Maybe his theme for the year should be trombones in the big parade?

I guess that's about it for now!

Virginia Knowles

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  1. Happy BELATED Birthday Virginia! Your's is 12 days before mine...and only by 8 years. :D Love your grateful perspective {surely surprising to the driver's license clerk... ;D} and the blessings you shared on another year...kudos to your daughter and husband, too. I'm sure your day was filled with LOTS of birthday wishes from all your children...nice thing about having a large family, I know.

    May the year hold an abundance of God's blessings, grace abounding for the challenges and a deeping love for our Savior!

    In Christ ~



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