Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weekend Gratitude: A Little Bit of Country with Providence

Dear friends,

Yesterday my husband and I took four of our kids to a picnic for our Providence home school co-op -- way out in the country at the home of my friend Tina.

When we arrived and walked into her kitchen, I was delighted to see all the country decor.  It's not my personal style -- I'm a suburban girl who goes for an eclectic mix of artsy, funky, classic, with only a tiny bit of country -- but I love to visit and get inspiration!  I appreciated how her house didn't seem cluttered.  I need to work on that in my home.

Stay tuned for the outdoor fun further down in the post, but first, a few pics from the house. (Thanks, Tina, for letting me do this!)

Dinner bell outside
the kitchen door

Now for the outdoor fun!

The big hit for the kids: a water slide.  One of my kids said she went down 40 times.  I believe her.

The other big hit: a hay ride...

And a trip to see the neighbor's cows...

Does that look like Mickey Mouse spots?

On the hay ride
after the water slide

Having a grand time with my hubby...

And my PHE peeps!

Jenny, Beth, Lisa, Virginia, Lesli

David and Lisa, friends of ours for 17 years

Grilling up a pile of burgers and hot dogs
for a big crowd!

I love these two ladies, and how they teach world history.  I was grousing to them about first grade math, though. I had finally decided to put my second grade daughter in the class this past week, but the homework packet I copied out from the A Beka book (until ours comes in) seemed way too hard!  Triple digit multiplication with regrouping?  No way!  That's when Rowena informed me that this was third grade homework.  I had mistakenly taken her to the wrong classroom on Monday!  Oh, duh!  Why hadn't I figured that out?  We all laughed hilariously.   

This little girl will be so pleased to get back to simple addition.  For now, she's enjoying a blue snow cone to match her swim shirt.

Country living...

A beautiful country drive

I hope you enjoyed the pictures of our day in the country!

Virginia Knowles


  1. Oh how I miss the country! Great pictures with great friends! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Nice! I grew up in the country, but I don't remember having so much fun! :)

  3. I love the fisherman sign! I have to tell my hubby that one! That looks like a fun and happy day was had by all!

  4. Lovely photos and so happy faces!

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