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My daughter heard "Soldier" by Gavin DeGraw on the radio recently and played it for me on YouTube.  I love the  positive message of the song, and I'm delighted that my son found this version of the video, dedicated to the Wounded Warrior Project, which highlights folks who are doing good in their communities in various ways.  


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Gavin DeGraw "Soldier" 

Here is the chorus:

I'll get it if you need it,
I'll search if you don't see it,
You're thirsty, I'll be rain,
You get hurt, I'll take your pain.

I know you don't believe it,
But I said it and I still mean it,
When you heard what I told you,
When you get worried, I'll be your soldier.

I'm playing this music video in my English class today since it goes along with our literature and history theme for the week.  (We're learning about King Robert Bruce and the fight for Scottish independence with a story and a poem about Bruce and the spider, as well as the poem "Bannockburn" by Robert Burns.) 

I think this "Soldier" song embodies the spirit of chivalry as it applies in our millennium.

P.S. I haven't done any "A Worthy Cause" posts recently, but I think this one qualifies: The Wounded Warrior Project's mission is "to foster the most successful, well-adjusted generation of wounded service members in our nation's history."  Find out more here:

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  1. First time I heard this song. The wounded warrior project is amazing. I want to always be aware of those who fought for my freedom.


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