Thursday, October 17, 2013

Kewanee Park on a Foggy Day

Dear friends,

This morning my daughter brought me outside to show me the fog.  After I dropped her and her friends off at the bus stop, I decided to drive over to Kewanee Park and take some pictures before the fog lifted.  I should have gone home to get my real camera, but I think my iPod did well enough!

I texted my husband and invited him to come join me for a stroll on the boardwalk, and he was delighted at the idea.  He helped me find some of my best photo shots.  So good to get away together, even for just a little bit on a foggy morning.

Tent moths!

Do you see the little tent moth caterpillars?

Water drop on a bud

A rare red leaf of Florida "autumn"

Shelf fungus

Funky fungus! No, that's not its name...

Pretty white fungus on a log

Elephant ear leaf

Little leaves on water

A curly swirly dried leaf

Lush green vines

Red berries on a tree

Just the two of us

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