Friday, December 12, 2014

Ballerinas and a Baby Boy

My little girl and I went to see a student version of the Nutcracker ballet today at the convention center with our home school group. It was shorter than the full production, with helpful narration and some special effects, so it was just right for a nine year old.

With seven daughters, I can relate to Mother Ginger with all of the little girls emerging from under her huge skirt. Maybe that should be my new nickname?

Maria and the Nutcracker Prince take their bows.

All those pictures above were taken without flash in a darkened theater. With the low light setting on my camera and the Picasa editing, I think they turned out right fine!  It didn't hurt that we were in the fourth row.

Another fun surprise? Meeting up with my old friend Debbie, along with her youngest daughter, while we were waiting in line with our home school groups!  Though we've known each other almost 20 years and are friends on Facebook, we haven't seen each other in "real life" for the longest time. So good to catch up!

After we got home, this little guy showed up! So fun to watch one of my grandsons for the afternoon!

Maybe he's thinking, "Lookie here! I can kick my legs all the way up in the air. You think I can join the ballet?"

"At least I can chew my toes.  A little fuzzy, though. Who put this sock on me?"

"Well, if I can't dance ballet, maybe I can be the piano player instead. Thanks for the lesson, Auntie!"

I crashed for a nap after the little cutie left. Around 6 PM, two of my daughters were trying to wake me up so I could go buy the ingredients for orange chicken, which we had been craving. I wasn't cooperating, so they took my blankets! I guess that's payback for all the times I used that tactic for getting them out of bed. They told me it was for my own good. It worked. Eventually.

I finally stumbled out of bed to go to the grocery store, but instead picked up some Chinese takeout in the same plaza. First time I've ever done that, but there were only four of us eating here tonight and I figured we would try something a little out of the norm. Chinese chicken, rice, and broccoli! Yum!

Now it's time to go to bed. Tomorrow I can shop for groceries and clean the house!

Grace and peace,

Mother Ginger

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