Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Day and a Family Picture 2014

Seven daughters, three sons,
two sons-in-law and four grandsons
(click to enlarge)

Nineteen people for dinner! Before we ate, we passed around piles of gifts and and the two baby boys.

Youngest grandson, startled

The roast beef turned out so yummy - my best ever, I think. I used McCormick rotisserie chicken seasoning and a smidgen of steak sauce. The chicken breast was delicious, too, fillets wrapped around a mixture of ricotta cheese, cream cheese, Parmesan cheese, basil pesto seasoning, minced garlic, and chopped tomato. My adult daughters brought most of the side dishes and desserts.

Something about glass, light,
and the color red
(cranberry pomegranate)
 Some of the most photogenic
presents I received this year...

A votive candle holder
from my sister-in-law Sue
A Christmas angel with cardinals
by artist Jim Shore,
from my sister-in-law Dana
(The cardinals remind me so much
of my mother. I bought a cardinal
ornament this year because of that!)
A bird pin from my sister Barb
(bought from SERRV - fair-trade, handmade),
and a purple scarf from my dad
and my (brand new) step mom Anny

A decorative dish from my daughter Mary -
she knew I'd love the sentiment

A journal with colorful pages
from my daughter Julia

A calendar from my husband

A Christmas sunset from God

I hope you've had a happy Christmas!


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